Stutter featured as part of CBC Searchlight

The song Stutter is a part of CBC Music’s annual searchlight competition. Please head over to the CBC Music profile to vote! (voting is part way down the page.) You can do so once a day until April 6th, and every vote helps, so thank you. Please also check out the main searchlight page - there are many artists involved that are worthy of your attention and certainly some gems to be found. 


NEW MUSIC! The Lapse/Stutter 7” is out today as a pay-what-you-can download. Click below to listen, or download it here.

A note on pay-what-you-want model: Think of it less as a question of what you are willing to pay for the music itself, and more as a donation to the costs and future of the project as a whole – more passing the hat at a bar gig than purchasing a product. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you have nothing to spare or would just like some music to add to your collection, please enter zero with a clean conscience. Your attention is still very much appreciated, and please shares the music with other friends and music lovers who may also enjoy it; in many ways this is just as valuable as currency. If you can spare any amount as a donation or find some value in purchasing the music, thank you – this helps a great deal with the possibility of more music sooner and to offset the costs of what has already been produced.

There might be some additional surprises as well that follow the downloads. It’s a mystery. 


In anticipation III; last year’s remix of ‘Mercy’ by TV on the Radio.

Calabi-Yau manifold

In anticipation II: A second track from last year’s ambient collaboration with Onyxmizer. 


In anticipation, an ambient collaboration with Austin’s Onyxmizer from last year:


A person’s work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.

~ Albert Camus

deploy your senses v2013

I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing project for the second year in a row along with so many great artists from all over the world. This year there is an added visual component with contributions from a talented pool of international visual artists, designers, and photographers.

You can listen to/download from the player below, or download directly from here.

Please take a moment to look further into the artists who are featured; there’s a wealth of talent there, with many new gems waiting to be discovered. 

lost & lethal

Sigur Rós ~ Kveikur