Song Preview 2: Inhibitor

In two short weeks the first in a series of small releases leading up to an full length album will be available (see the post here). In the meantime, here’s another preview. 


The release schedule will be slightly delayed from what was loosely laid out before, mostly due to fiddling and other commitments, but rest assured the project as a whole is on its way. 

a map of the future

Plans are funny things. They essentially exist to change, and yet they are individually made as though they were platonic ideals. Making them too easily subject to let downs, frustrations, maybe disillusionment. If you let them…

Having said that, here’s the plan:

In the coming months there are going to be a series of small releases – say, EP length - that lead up to the release of a formal, full-length album. Each entry in the series will be about three songs long, maybe two, depending, which may have some sort of sound, style, or thematic cohesion between them – though they simply might sound nice together, or happen to be what clicked around the same time. The album itself will be an amalgamation of the pervious releases, though the items therein could appear in altered states if they demand it. Some may not appear at all. As the final release, the LP will also include songs that haven’t appeared on any of the previous releases in the series.

The first of these should be coming some time in the next six weeks, by the close of summer according to present reckoning, though maybe sooner. The one to follow will appear in the later fall, and the one after that around christmas, or possibly early January. There will be three before the full-length, maybe four, and the details may vary; there’ll be more on this as the process gets deeper.

Here’s snippet from the forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled, first edition. It’s presented as ‘unfinished’ in its appearance here, but as to what that means and how, we’ll find out in a few weeks. 

After all, plans change. 

we’re moving ‘round and ‘round

In 1984 The Jesus and Mary Chain released their first single on Creation Records and the following year Psychocandy appeared and fuzzed its way into pretty well all of our hearts. 

In honour of the anniversary of those releases, and because it’s fun, here’s an appropriately sketchy cover of that early single.

one more day.



Wilt is a demo that was completed during the writing sessions for the Lapse/Stutter 7”. It never had a particular gravity of arrangement that demanded more from it than what was already there and so it found itself remaining what it was. 

It’s available as a bonus track along with downloads of the 7”. 

Stutter featured as part of CBC Searchlight

The song Stutter is a part of CBC Music’s annual searchlight competition. Please head over to the CBC Music profile to vote! (voting is part way down the page.) You can do so once a day until April 6th, and every vote helps, so thank you. Please also check out the main searchlight page - there are many artists involved that are worthy of your attention and certainly some gems to be found. 


NEW MUSIC! The Lapse/Stutter 7” is out today as a pay-what-you-can download. Click below to listen, or download it here.

A note on pay-what-you-want model: Think of it less as a question of what you are willing to pay for the music itself, and more as a donation to the costs and future of the project as a whole – more passing the hat at a bar gig than purchasing a product. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you have nothing to spare or would just like some music to add to your collection, please enter zero with a clean conscience. Your attention is still very much appreciated, and please shares the music with other friends and music lovers who may also enjoy it; in many ways this is just as valuable as currency. If you can spare any amount as a donation or find some value in purchasing the music, thank you – this helps a great deal with the possibility of more music sooner and to offset the costs of what has already been produced.

There might be some additional surprises as well that follow the downloads. It’s a mystery. 


In anticipation III; last year’s remix of ‘Mercy’ by TV on the Radio.